Don’t get stuck buying a lemon, use our car inspection services!

Whether you’re planning to buy a used vehicle or sell one, a thorough car inspection will give you the peace of mind you are looking for. Many times, the Vehicle History Report doesn’t contain the entire history or hasn’t been properly done, so don’t rely on the car’s book alone. Order an accurate and professional service from The Car Shop of Oswego and take the worry our of buying a used car.

The Car Shop of Oswego has been providing car inspections for 22 years now, helping many buyers and sellers, as well as car owners, to identify problems that most auto repair shops have missed. Our mechanics are fully able to perform proper inspections on any type of vehicle, no matter what make or model.

When should you hire The Car Shop of Oswego?

When you’re buying a car.
Car inspection Oswego NYThere is no such thing as a perfect condition used car. However, our mission is to offer you, the buyer, a detailed report with all the problems your future car may have, and also help you understand which of those issues are serious and require immediate attention and which ones are mild.

When you’re selling a vehicle.
A detailed and subjective report will give you a plus when trying to sell your car. The buyer will be impressed by the thorough car inspection and will appreciate an honest seller. Even more, a complete report will help you be prepared for any question that may arise when selling the vehicle.

When your warranty is about to expire.
Before your warranty expires, we highly recommend a car inspection in order to determine the areas that need attention. By so doing, you will be able to get the most from your warranty and make relevant and legitimate claims;

When you’re repairing your car.
A thorough inspection before starting any major repair on your car may save you tons of money. Our mechanics have the ability to find any problem and, even more important, the source of the issue. Knowing what exactly caused your car to malfunction, helps you prevent this from happening again.

Whatever your reason may be, keep in mind that there is only one true car inspection provider in Oswego, NY and that is The Car Shop of Oswego. Our extensive knowledge and wide experience make us confident there is no hidden issue that we can’t discover.