About Us

The Car Shop of OswegoThe Car Shop of Oswego is the number one auto repair shop in Oswego, NY. Founded back in 1991, our company first started as a small, and relatively new, automotive service provider for all residents in the region. However, not long after, we’ve been labeled as the leading auto repair company, our clients trusting our services for all their automotive repair needs.

Auto repair business is half quality repairs, half customer service. There is no such thing as one without the other, and we, the entire team from The Car Shop of Oswego, understood this from the first moment we opened our company doors. Our mission is to offer 100% customer satisfaction, by providing the best, most durable and reliable auto repairs in Oswego, NY.

Experience should not be a matter of concern for anyone who wants to use our services. For over 25 years we have been dealing with some of the most complicated and elaborate auto repairs, so we doubt your car has something that we haven’t seen before. In addition to our experience, we add our constant training sessions which allow us to stay in touch with any new development, method or technique in the auto repair business.